CANADIAN TIRE BANK : Transit Numbers - Routing Numbers

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State City Postal Code Branch Address Routing Number Transit Number
ON St Catharines L2M 3Y6 CTB Branch 366 Bunting Road 033801012 01012-338
ON St Catharines L2M 3Y6 Administration Office 366 Bunting Road 033801022 01022-338
ON Welland L3C 6B5 Canadian Tire Bank-Welland ON 555 Prince Charles Drive 033800012 00012-338
ON Welland L3C 6B5 CBT-Store Ret Pmnts 555 Prince Charles Dr 033800032 00032-338
ON Welland L3C 6B5 CBT-Line of Credit 555 Prince Charles Dr 033801032 01032-338