Central 1 Credit Union
British Columbia - KAMLOOPS

List of all branches of Central 1 Credit Union in KAMLOOPS - British Columbia

Routing Number Transit Number Branch Address Postal Code
080927320 27320-809 VALLEY FIRST A DIVISION Riverbend Branch, Sutie 3, 760 Mayfair Street V2B 0E5
080905810 05810-809 INTERIOR SAVINGS CREDIT UNION Tranquille Branch, #100 - 430 Tranquille Road V2B 3H1
080905820 05820-809 INTERIOR SAVINGS CREDIT UNION Lansdowne Branch, 200-350 Lansdowne Street V2C 1Y1
080927310 27310-809 VALLEY FIRST A DIVISION Of First West Credit Union, 100-180 Seymour Street V2C 2E3
080905890 05890-809 INTERIOR SAVINGS CREDIT UNION Valley View Branch, #1-2101 Trans Canada Highway East V2C 4A6
080905870 05870-809 INTERIOR SAVINGS CREDIT UNION Summit Branch, 370-1210 Summit Drive V2C 6M1


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What is the Routing Number?

A routing number identifies the financial institution and the branch to which a payment item is directed. Along with the account number, it is essential for delivering payments through the clearing system.

In Canada, there are two formats for routing numbers:

EFT Routing Number

An Electronic Fund Transactions (EFT) routing number is comprised of a three-digit financial institution number and a five-digit branch number, preceded by a "leading zero".
Example : 0XXXYYYYY
  • 0 : Leading zero
  • YYY : Institution Number
  • XXXXX : Branch Number
The electronic routing number is used for routing electronic payment items, such as direct deposits and wire transfers.

MICR Number (Transit Number)

MICR Numbers or widely known as Transit Numbers are used in cheques processing. It appears on the bottom of negotiable instruments such as checks identifying the financial institution on which it was drawn.
A paper (MICR) routing number is comprised of a three-digit financial institution number and a five-digit branch number. It is encoded using magnetic ink on paper payment items (such as cheques).
Example : XXXXX-YYY
  • XXXXX : Branch Number
  • YYY : Institution Number
MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.